Armin x reader: lemon

Armin x reader: lemon

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bruuuuuuh By baileyboo12h Updated Nov 14, 2015

First lemon dont judge you haters,please if you could give me your honest opinion(but dont get all personal about! ;) ) 

BTW armin is 18 in this and you are both in the scout regiment.

  You woke up from a normal night, on a normal day, but for some reason you were particularly happy. 'Oh that's right I'm paired with Armin today!' You thought to yourself. You have had a crush on him since training, but you have never told him. 

  You and Armin were going on a peremiter check outside wall rose. Titans a rarely found anymore, so perimeter checks are not very dangerous, not that it mattered to you, the way you see it ,you would happily get eaten by a titan to spend an entire day with Armin!(OK maybe not happily but you would do it)

  You got up and got ready to go to breakfast. When you got there you were immediately teased by your friends. "Hey, heard you were paired with Armin today! Be sure not to stair to long!" Said Sasha proudly. "Oh hell knowing (y/n) ,she'll probably faint bei...

I would die happy if I atleast got to meet Levi armin Eren and mikasa
xXJustMeeeXx xXJustMeeeXx Jul 27, 2016
The picture makes Armin look like he belongs in Boku No Pico
_kageyamass_ _kageyamass_ Oct 05, 2016
you're just jelous you don't have half a chance with Marco as I do with armin
Book_Kidd Book_Kidd Oct 22, 2016
AnimeSwagfan AnimeSwagfan Jan 01, 2016
Ok lets look at whats wrong with where you are doing it
                              1:far out side the walls
                              2:Titan territory
                              3:On a Branch (I think)
                              Yeah Smart Idea
ndcijcskdmvmdkcjdi ndcijcskdmvmdkcjdi Nov 29, 2015
Please proofread next time. There are so many grammatical errors and typos in this.