Daughter of Poseidon (Percy Jackson)

Daughter of Poseidon (Percy Jackson)

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Many eons ago, the three fates saw a prophecy of the future. It included the fates of three gifted daughters. The first daughter would be a child of the sea. The second daughter would be a child of the storms. The third daughter would be a child of the dead. 

The fates foresaw the date of when these three would be born on the same exact date of when the stars in sky would perfectly align, which happens once every 10,000 years. The stars would grant the three each with special gifts making them unique amongst their peers. Which would tie their fates together. Forming an unbreakable bond. 

With this also came along a terrible destiny. The titans would break free, 20 years after their birth. And only the three daughters would be able to defeat. Together as one. With the help of the three artifacts: a serpent's stone, the eye of fate, and the crown of earth. 

There will be many who would wish to destroy these girls. So the gods designed a plan. To keep them hidden in different parts in the world. Until they are of age to meet. Then that is when their destiny will start to unfold. 

This is the story of the daughter of the sea, Narissa Alessandra Jackson. 

First book of the Fate of the Three triolgy.

All rights go to Rick Riordan who came up with Percy Jackson I own nothing except the characters I have created.

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If I correct you. It is indended to help you improve and not to offend. That is all I wanted to say. Thank you.
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Maine. Sorry for that! This looks good! I love the way you put it!
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*microwaves popcorn and slides on cat slippers* I HEARD SOMEONE SAY POSIDEIANS DAUGHTER COUNT ME IN
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If anyone says that than they're an arrogant piece of pegasus dung and should just NOT READ your writing.
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How could anyone not read this book. Percy Jackson FOREVER...