Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1] [Loki Fanfiction]

Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1] [Loki Fanfiction]

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A Loki Fanfiction
A looming darkness has gathered, and the storm is headed for Asgard. Thor needs help, and more than that, he needs the shamed girl. The shamed girl, and his imprisoned brother. 

Valkyrie Sutton is of Earth. Or Midgard. Or whatever. When Thor, God of Thunder, appears to take her to Asgard without much explanation, Val finds out things she isn't ready to hear. 

Tossed into chaos and ripped from her former life, Val finds trouble, and trouble goes by Loki. And like it or not, she needs trouble's help to save Asgard. Secrets are revealed, bonds are formed, and chances are taken. She will risk everything in the process, all for the sake of the kingdom that threw her away.


Cover Art by CityofBane


"I LOVE THIS. It is eloquently written and drew me in from the very beginning. :D" - CrazyCranberry

"well written and pulls in the reader with its simplicity and light sprinkling of intrigue. everything feels real." - angelinatomas

"Oh my goodness!! This book is amazing!!!! I just can't wait to see what happens next!!!!" - CharmCasterAvenger

"Ashdojakjsjfjwjdjsjcskdjfjskd" - dianalauramg

"Val definitely is badass." - Isitmadness

"Oh my gods this story is AWESOME!!!!! as a huge Loki fan this is extremely amazing." - 7katie2002

"I feel like I've been through so much with [Loki] by reading this story! Look, there's so much feels I'm using waaay too many exclamation points!! THE FEEELS!!!!" - Willow256

"BEST. LOKI. FANFIC. EVER!!!!!" - flameaugustineaka

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AkkiesBooks AkkiesBooks Apr 03
Thank Odin for Shannon then, otherwise we might have never gotten this awesome book
Everyone calls me Val. And I have no life outside if books and I love wepons for some reason. Did sombody write a book about me
Oh my word. This is so good. I write marvel fanfic but it is no where near as good as this (I think)
LadaTheLeo LadaTheLeo Apr 11
My body is ready and my mind is emotionally prepared for death
skyvioletpanda skyvioletpanda 7 days ago
I'm imagining him with Groot as his arms... 
                              Oh gosh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Every building I enter I always play out a scenario in my head of how I’m going to secure the place in case a zombie apocalypse outbreak happens to occur right then and there.