Assassin's Creed One Shots

Assassin's Creed One Shots

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D E F Y By Jxcob_Frye Updated 2 days ago

[Character x Reader]

A series of Assassin's Creed one shots.

May contain mature scenes.


Follows the missions and sequences of the Assassin's Creed games.

FadedJustice12 FadedJustice12 6 days ago
Arno, you do know how to get a lady.... but now days I would kick you in the groin....( jk between u and me....)
HagarenNoWaifu HagarenNoWaifu 2 days ago
H-He just... HE JUST LEAVES?!
                              mixed feee*shivering*e-e-eeeelings...
heh_okay_bye heh_okay_bye Nov 16, 2015
damn it was good
                              it's the best arno x reader one-shot i ever read omggg <333333333333
ToddIsBae ToddIsBae Oct 07, 2015
Shake it off;Shake it off!.....Sorry,I just felt the need to do that .__.
CoffeeTiger CoffeeTiger May 22, 2015
it's really hard to find a Arno X Reader one-shots,thank you for making this! *wiiiiiiiize*
FeedMeFryes FeedMeFryes Feb 16, 2015
Oh my gosh Arno yaas *fans self because very flustered* I love this your writing is amazing, please write more shots! :D x