Erwin, Levi X reader [strong Lemon]

Erwin, Levi X reader [strong Lemon]

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oreillys By oreillys Updated Jun 30, 2015

Ok just before we start I’d like to say a few things.
Firstly this was requested by someone, you’ll see that when names are used.

Secondly THIS is NOT for younger readers. It will contain very strong sexual
language and depictions. If you are not of the legal age in your country DON’T
read this fic (I know this stuff is ignored but I’m putting it here as a
serious warning to what will be in this fic) and I don’t own any of the
characters or the image used in this fic (as per usual).

 Thirdly: You bring the ropes and chains; I’ll bring the pills
and games. I can show you pain and make you say my name.  This gives you a vague idea of what’s going to be in it before you read it and to anyone that that knows the song *high five*

 And last but not least let’s begin.

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GAawd dang 
                              If you know where that's from we're LITERALLY getting Married you have no choice.
maqui1 maqui1 Oct 07
Well oops every thing is lost oohhh nooo what ever will we do with a dead Petra it’s not like I will throw a part at Saturday night at 11 pm or anything ahhaha
Uhhh you know your name is Nadin but you can't give the reader a will make them uncomfortable or stop reading it...•blushes•
AikoLynn AikoLynn Sep 07
The chair wont be the only thing thrusted into me tonight ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖) 
                              I need to leave
:what would ever make you think that
                              Erwin:you hate her
                              Levi: -_-
                              :so doesnt mean i nearly got her killed. i did try to kill her though
                              Erwin: exactly my point
                              : f u Erwin
Od course I'm gonna scream!
                              Screaming your name cause of what you plan to do to me