A Hogwarts Phanfic // Phan In Hogwarts BoyXBoy

A Hogwarts Phanfic // Phan In Hogwarts BoyXBoy

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' A small boy with deep brown eyes opened the compartment door

"Hi, can I sit here?" he said quietly,

"Hi, of course you can!" the ginger haired boy replied, smiling happily,

"I'm Dan Howell" Dan introduced himself calmly,

"I'm Phillip Lester, call me Phil" the ginger haired boy replied '

Daniel James Howell and Phillip Michael Lester are young wizards! They find companionship while learning to tame their magic. They face challenges that are both magical and muggle. They face love and loss. They face welcoming and rejection. But most importantly, they face each other.

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Batgirljr72 Batgirljr72 May 19
*whispers 'and the zalfie intensifies' then makes squealing noises from excitement for early romance.*
OddAndEvie OddAndEvie Aug 13
Josh_Fun21 Josh_Fun21 Mar 25
If only it was that easy to make friends IRL. I would have so many accidental friends.
I_am_Zach I_am_Zach Jun 19
Why... Phil and Dan... I read Dan and Phil then reread and starting crying...
ItzClarissa ItzClarissa Aug 11
This is literally my description so imma just pretend that it's me...
I feel excited and happy LIKE MY BODY IS READY
                              I CAN'T HGDMTJ.D.HXF