Dark Mate: the Cursed One

Dark Mate: the Cursed One

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Ayla D. Viktoreva (Mad Lady) By WhiteSwordsman01 Updated 3 days ago

All those fairy tales your parents scared you with are real. All those creatures you feared are real. But why can't we see them? Why are there no creatures lurking around Earth killing every single human they want when they are capable of doing so? 

You never knew, but you you could feel that there was someone on the top stopping that from happening. King so cold and ruthless that he wouldn't bat his eye when killing other creatures, but had a soft spot for one person that he knew won't ever met. Until the cog of fate broke and his destiny came rushing in his life bringing him that one person he never thought he'll have pleasure to see:

His own soul-mate. 

A human, at that. Or was she really now?

She was abused, fragile human that could bring about his downfall yet he saw her as someone his to protect and care for. He could be evil for everyone in other Ten Realms that existed, but only for her could he allow himself to abandon his throne. Only with her could he show his emotions.

She is, after all, the Light that could wash away his Curse.

She is his light, yet he's nothing but a pure darkness.
A perfect evil.
A creature incapable of of love.
The brighter the light is, the darker will creature be attached to it, trying to embrace it, to save itself. And so he craved her. But maybe his darkness was way too stronger than her innocence and the only outcome of their relationship was him breaking her.

All she wanted was to live.
All he wanted was to be loved.
But when you put two oposites together, one is bound to be destroyed. In this case, it was Ayla.
That's the way Viktor was from the very beginning. 

the Cursed One.

Contains dark and mature content such as blood (a lot of fighting, actually), violence, curse words (wouldn't be an evil creature if he didn't curse), self harm matters, murders, corruption, power, gender inequality... Many things we turn a blind eye to yet should be shown for everyone to know how to deal with.

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ArielWilliams741 ArielWilliams741 Jun 07, 2017
Is it weird but.......😊 I think that is cute 😊😊😊😊
abundleof_fluffiness abundleof_fluffiness Oct 18, 2016
i love how you put every sentence to create such an amazing storyy😍😍 i'm looking forward to this one *even tho just found this story today* HEHE
Moyeenwaz Moyeenwaz Jan 07, 2017
I'm rereading this book cause it's been a while since the author updated and I've forgotten the concept of the story lol
aylapostle aylapostle Feb 05, 2016
I am just really excited about this book because my name is Ayla, 😂 and it feels like I'm reading about myself in like a different life or something xxxx
eidjdudjjfjfjf eidjdudjjfjfjf Jul 21, 2016
Love it👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💜💞💞💕💖👌👌👌👌✋✋✋✌❤❤❤❤❤❤👄👄👅👊👐👏👏👏👏👋👋
JessicaSoto102 JessicaSoto102 Mar 02, 2017
Its good. But why white hair and long but hey it ur story and its good so far