SLOW UPDATES | Scarred (Naruto Fanfiction)

SLOW UPDATES | Scarred (Naruto Fanfiction)

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SoulEater Mikz By soul_mikz Updated Mar 01

Misaki a girl who traveled all over the lands ever since she can remember. Ever since she was young she already saw the cruel reality of the shinobi world. Not to mention that everyone she comes across with thinks that she is a guy.

Will she ever trust someone again??
Who will be the one to break the walls she built in her heart?
And will she survive the harsh reality that she's going to be thrown into?

I still can't decide who is going to be paired with my OC.
//warning: there is some swearing in this fic

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ANIME4LIFE05 ANIME4LIFE05 Jul 07, 2017
Brown hair plz!!!! Then it will be the REAL misaki from JUNJUO ROMANTICA!!!
xiu0min xiu0min Aug 02, 2017
Thank god she isn't fking OP as hell.  All I see in OC's are 100/10 unlimited power, has gods and other tailed beast sealed in her or the "I just came to this village and I can already beat your ass already" level. Nope nope.
- - Jun 08, 2017
Awesome. If it were this world tho... I'd add a gun to that mix
Nikofie Nikofie May 19, 2017
Hey 👋🏼 just wanna say you can imagine other colors. (Everyone)
kira-itami kira-itami Apr 04, 2017
I have dark dark dark almost black brown hair and a nice grey & green eyes
kira-itami kira-itami Apr 04, 2017
Wow this character is the same as me, cause i am mistaken as a guy all the time and i almost always wearing black