Through Time | The Originals AU

Through Time | The Originals AU

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đιиg đσиg By SimplyScott Updated Mar 13, 2017

"I'm the son of egomaniacal 
hybrid who is hellbent 
on world domination, 
how am I supposed 
to handle that"

                                                             "All I asked was how 
                                                               is your day going, 
                                                               but ok"

(Originals AU)
(Stand alone)

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Dezi1223 Dezi1223 Jun 01, 2017
Wait is he a body jumper he can't just like be immortal and not a vampire
-voltages -voltages Dec 01, 2016
How is Henrik older then him? That means that him and Freya are not twins because freya's the oldest Mikaelson!?
Maddyisnotamoron Maddyisnotamoron Jan 31, 2017
Actually, now it is actually... how do I spell it? Michislov or something really long and complecated.
DominickWirth DominickWirth Jan 23, 2017
Ummm Dylan looks so hot in the pic I think I started drooling a little 😂😂😂😂
Luifer666 Luifer666 Nov 06, 2016
I would've done 'Hi I'm Genim Mikaelson not Stile Stilnski, the person I spoke with earlier was my older brother'
mmmarkyyyy mmmarkyyyy Jan 08, 2017
People do realize that his first name isnt stiles right? Stiles is just a nickname derived from his last name. All we know is that it starts with an M