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Oh Peter

Oh Peter

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peterpanbabydaddy By peterpanbabydaddy Updated Apr 12, 2015

Peter was so damn hot. All you did was sit and want him badly

Warning:Lots of smut in this book. Read at your own risk.

hermionewendykath hermionewendykath Oct 31, 2016
Soo Rupletilskin is peter pab's fatheror not #notimportantrightnow
GreenEyedPan GreenEyedPan 6 days ago
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Let's just say
                              That escalated quickly
shevvy101 shevvy101 Jul 23, 2016
Hey Author-chan, can I ask something (you don't have to answer)? 
                              How old are you? Just wondering. XD
GreenEyedPan GreenEyedPan 6 days ago
I'm just imagining all the Lost Boys just sitting around the fire just like😨