The Story of Her Holding an Orange

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inaaace By inaaace Updated 2 years ago
This is the story of a mysterious, never-aging woman who followed me my whole life. She always wanted only one thing from me: to take her orange.
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shit scared right now.....omg, you ay not think of yourself to be a good writer, but the way you write is so colloquial that we can all relate to it.
Don't feel bad; I'm not the greatest either...and I curse even more!
This is seriously C-R-E-E-P-Y...especially the 9th paragraph...
Im so scared right now. Can't finish the story,and Im on only at the first chapter. CREEPY~
Well that's not at all crazy. Do I shake or do I cry or both oh my gosh I can't form a coherent sentence right now
Is it just me or does the cover for this story look like.. Katy Perry?