Loving L

Loving L

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CheyenneScissorHands By CheyenneScissorHands Completed

Your brother was killed by Kira, it was a mistake, he was framed for robbery 

With furious thoughts running through your mind you beg your brothers best friend, Matsuda, to let you join the investigation to catch Kira once and for all!

L, seems to have taken quiet a liking to you, your stubbornness, confidence, the way you think. You're not like most girls and that's a good thing 

Will you and L share something together or will it be to late? Who will Kira kill first?

There is language in here that is considered strong, there will also be smut/lemon and also fluff not to mention you will be given feels at some points. 

Enjoy :)

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LiziVashadze LiziVashadze Jul 05, 2017
ryuzaki in the building and ryuga out of it isnt that right?
HailiLegit HailiLegit Jul 12, 2016
I was excited to read the story but now I'm not.....the only thing you let the reader have is the option of picking  there name...... I'm sorry but this unfortunate mistake is disappointing thus leading to the fact that the reader is  basically your OC with a different name.....
ziakitty ziakitty Oct 07, 2016
Good story so far! The only thing I'm wondering about is why every author has reader-Chan in skinny jeans xD