Kidnapped by BVB © (Fanfiction) (Completed)

Kidnapped by BVB © (Fanfiction) (Completed)

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ItsJustANickname By _Beyond_Lawliet_ Completed

(A/N: So this is what April is all about, here apperance and personality and all that jazz, if there is anything i missed just imagine it for yourself)  

Name: April Madeline Tanner 

Age: 19 

Natural blonde hair but is dyed black, green eyes and has pale white skin, belly and snakebite piercings and also had 10 ear piercings on each ear. Small freckles over her nose and cheeks and a little Part of the left side of her head shaved off and all the rest of the hair flopping over to the right. 

(A/N: So Yeah, hope you stick around for atleast 3 chapters and Im warning you the first chapter may suck balls because obviously it's the first chapter!)

piercethesirens248 piercethesirens248 Mar 26, 2017
lol im imagining all 5 of them just randomly saying that im laughing so hard (again)
nirvanabrook nirvanabrook Mar 25, 2017
After that sentence I imagine that slurping noise you make with your tongue idk why
KeishaEckenrod KeishaEckenrod Feb 23, 2017
Hahahah she's a stalker like me. Well I'm mostly just a creep but whatever man
xXxKayla_BiersackxXx xXxKayla_BiersackxXx Feb 16, 2015
i really don't know why but i laughed xD 
                              "we want you for the bvb army!"