Shields of Power

Shields of Power

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A/N I swear this is not my story! I am not stealing it, or trying to claim it as my own! I found it once and I've read it dozens of times and I feel it should be on Wattpad but I swear I am not trying to take credit for it or pretend it's mine. I have not edited it in any way, it is still the original work. All rights reserved to the real author :) (Oh, and Stephanie Meyer owns the characters and stuff lol)


What if Bella already knew about vampires before she came to forks, what if she'd already met the Volturi, but wasn't allowed to tell anyone? And most importantly, what if she had her own gift?

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Hey! This is the story from fanfiction isn't it? :D Amazing story, the writter is talented
Evlisha Evlisha Oct 14, 2016
I keep wondering this but how the hell they got caught when they always have gaurds with them