Jelsa-The Sex Academy (Undergoing Editing)

Jelsa-The Sex Academy (Undergoing Editing)

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Queen Elsa By jelsa_foreves Completed

Currently being edited


Elsa and Anna from the Disney Original Movie 'Frozen'. Two beautiful, young and intelligent girls are sent to a sex academy by their horrible, sex addicted step-father. Anna has dreamed for this moment, while Elsa experiences conflicted feelings about the idea. 

Warning, this contains mainly Jelsa, Kristanna and Eugenzel and there will be a little of Helsa, Pelsa and elpunzel and i might add a bit of elsanna (just to include the main ships) still deciding whether to do hiccstrid or merricup plz comment or I will be forced to make the hard decision. (The cover I uploaded from the internet; I have no idea who made the edit, but thanks and your credit is here.) And please no hate. Thank you!

MysticGold MysticGold 2 days ago
@Jelsaweirdolover I have two things  to say 
                              1. Ikr! They just stare at your body hours upon hours. How is this school even legal?!?
                              2. I love you username! IM A WEIRDO TOO! 
                              D,,x (:
AlexiaMoreland AlexiaMoreland Jan 08, 2016
Favorite color, you spelled it wrong but I love the story line and how it connects so far great job
supremehowell supremehowell Oct 26, 2015
@SharnielouiseBowensu  XD here ya go XD thank me later ;) xx
Mykah2002 Mykah2002 Jul 12, 2015
Umm... Just wondering, do they actually have schools like this? Cause it's BAD
bigtaesticles bigtaesticles Jul 12, 2015
Litterally you dont need BRAIN to get in this school. You just need smexy bod. pathetic -.-"