My dirty little secret (phanfic) {completed}

My dirty little secret (phanfic) {completed}

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"Wait what does this make us?" 

"Well... well I don't wanna ruin my reputation so don't tell anyone!" 

"Wait that didn't answer my question." 

"I'll be your dirty little secret." 

Or when an innocent boy sees something inside his bully which isn't his dick

Phan smut 

((Currently in the process of editing the entire book, very slow though because I'm so busy ugh))

DnpTrash DnpTrash Jul 13
That word taunts me til this day. My dad used to use it. He still does anyways.
DnpTrash DnpTrash Jul 13
I love chris and pj so much, thanks for adding them to your story☺
DnpTrash DnpTrash Jul 13
As he waddled away waddle waddle, as he waddled away, waddle waddle, til the very next day bababababaaba. The duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man, runnin the stand, "HEY, GOT ANY GRAPES?"
Somebody mentions fag, I say yea, and? I prefer pansexual, by the way. And then I walk away, while looking back at them staring dumbfoundedly.