This is Bangtan smut.

This is Bangtan smut.

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Imogen Scott By ImogenScott5 Updated Apr 14, 2015

"Pookieeee when are you going to get home?" Jungkook whined at you through the phone. You scowled. You hated that nickname.

"Why do you call me that? You know I hate it."

Jungkook simply laughs. "I'd squeeze that pout off your face right now if I was there~"

A smile spread its' way onto your face. You couldn't be mad at him, no matter how much you tried.

"I'll be home soon okay? Just gotta get something for you."

"Ah but it's not my birthday yet!"

You laugh. "I don't know what gift will be better, this one or your birthday one."

With a cheeky grin, you hung up before he could protest and pry more information out of you. You'd been planning this night for weeks. You'd stayed back an extra four hours from work at a local convenience store, just so you could afford the gift you'd gotten for him. You were a virgin, yet you knew all about how it was done, thanks to porn. You'd saved, and finally gotten the courage to walk into that lingerie store just down the street from where you w...

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i_zayasama i_zayasama Aug 30, 2017
It a lie ! It not he's first time .
                              Jungkook is not innocent at all !
It's sad I can get my virginity taken away in a story but not in real life
btslovr362 btslovr362 May 06
I love how he says "You're tighter than I can ever make my hand." So romantic 😂