My Husband Is My Biology Teacher

My Husband Is My Biology Teacher

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Arranged Marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by their families.
Never in her seventeen years of life, Hanna even thought she will be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents. 
And her parent's choice of groom shocked the living daylights of her! Who gets married to their cousin?
To add a little more chaos to her life, as if her life is not life but chaos at the moment, that cousin of hers is also her biology teacher at her high school, Mr. Chace Drax, yes, that hot young teacher.

Well, expect the unexpected Hanna.
The 24-year-old Chace Drax is more than happy to get married to Hanna. Well, that girl stole his heart and she doesn't even know how Chace is insanely in love with her.
Will Chace melt Hanna's heart and make her fall in love with him? Or their marriage gets ruined because of betrayal, jealousy or hate?
Or their marriage falls apart because of an unhealthy obsession?
"I will show you love Hanna, I will show you everything"- Chace Drax

If you see no blood and about losing last breath then it's nothing to give up
SarcasticP3 SarcasticP3 Aug 13
They are marrying her off coz they are going for a goddamn trip.  What is wrong with them??
Mystery11237 Mystery11237 3 days ago
Damn. For all they know he's a drunk that beats women but to hell if they care
forgot_password_ forgot_password_ 20 hours ago
I am just a potato with legs that walks around the house for food and Netflix 😂😂😂
SAIMA_2608 SAIMA_2608 20 hours ago
Who cares whether it's incest or not, it's just a book. If you don't like the Idea of the type of relationship then just don't read the book, you don't have to make such a big deal out of it.
georgxne georgxne May 10
your english is much better than me and it is my first language 😂