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Ashley Carson was a quiet girl. She didn't have many friends - or any at all, for that matter - and she had an unhealthy obsession with fairy tales. Her only explanation was that the lonely girl with the horrible step-mother always came out on top. So what if for her it was actually her mother? It was still the same concept, she rationalized. 

She keeps one too many dark secrets - it's only a matter of time before someone finds out. 

Ryder Halley was nothing but a criminal in the eyes of Wood High School, along with his four brothers and their girlfriends. He didn't quite mind that much, though - he never quite minded anything. It was high school - get in, get out. He had a routine, nothing holding him down. If he got killed, who cares? He wasn't leaving behind a sobbing girlfriend, so it was okay. 

But then all of that changes because of his fucking older brother.

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I imagine him as Justin Bieber. Whoops. LOL
                              (I picture every guy in fanfictions as Justin Bieber loool!!) 
                              Only the main male characters tho
-qwack- -qwack- Nov 30
I'm 4 foot 5 and I'm 13 GOSH my crush calls me shorty because I'm one of the shortest people in my grade
- - Jan 09
HOW'D HE COUNT THAT SO FAST?! It takes me forever just to count my fries to make sure none of my friends are ate any when I wasn't looking
JerrytheAlien JerrytheAlien Jul 11, 2016
When I read hunter fell forward with a Yelp, I laughed my ass off for no reason and my parents gave me that wtf look
FuzzyPigSlippers FuzzyPigSlippers Sep 22, 2016
I've been to a diner like this and I did exactly the same thing. I was really prions when I recognised a song because they were all from the 50s