Hanging Cross (BoyxMan)

Hanging Cross (BoyxMan)

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⠀⠀⠀Wheeler 💋⠀⠀⠀ By SchoolBathroom Updated Aug 05, 2016

"Sir, I can't do this if you're going to get hard," the piercer said as he looked down at the scrawny boy in the piercing chair. He thought to himself, sighing on the inside. How could a boy this sweet want to pierce his tip, but his mind started to process more as he saw the Jesus cross hanging from his neck.

"I'm so sorry," the Christian boy apologized as his fingers wrapped around his necklace. 

"It's okay..." Brace went to check the boys papers and chuckled slightly. "It's okay, Christian."

Cover by: @jakarmstrong
Hanging Cross  © 2016 Wheeler All Rights Reserved

Aren't you already supposed to be hard in order to get your dick pierced
BlushingCantaloupe BlushingCantaloupe May 04, 2016
The virtually perfect grammar is such a breath of fresh air you have no idea. Even if the plot was horrible the grammar would keep me reading.
awk_quirk awk_quirk Jan 02, 2016
The only comments I have for this book is oh wow. Mostly because laughter can't take on a shape.
awk_quirk awk_quirk Jan 02, 2016
Oh wow. A Christian named Christian. This is actually pretty cool since I know a virgin named Mary and her adopted son, Jesus.
awk_quirk awk_quirk Jan 02, 2016
I would make a pun but I've got nothing. I need to come back to this paragraph when I'm not deluded and sleepy.
NeonSmiles13 NeonSmiles13 Feb 25, 2015
"Sir, I can't do this if you're going to get hard." 
                              Probably the best intro into a story, ever