Could He Be The One? (Chrom x F Robin)

Could He Be The One? (Chrom x F Robin)

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Bleached-Otaku By Bleached-Otaku Updated Jun 23, 2015

>In the Yliss Capitol<
(This story is in Robins POV)

It was around 9 at night while I was in my house casually reading my book on battle strategy, when I heard an strange knocking on the door. I was sure it wasn't Thejera because she usually just stalked through the window, and I didn't think anyone in the Shepards would come over at this hour. I looked through the peephole to find the commander. "What could he be doing here?!" I whispered to myself as I unlocked the door.

"Hey Robin!" Chrom said with a smile, "I just needed a quick tip on something really quick."

"Wait a tip on what exactly?" I asked with more than a little confusion in my voice

"Well I wanna talk to this girl, but I really don't know how to, and since your a girl..." He began to trail off a little. I don't know why but I felt like punching him in the face.

"I'm an expert at strategy not advice Chrom," I replyed shortly. "Why are you asking me in the 1st place?"

"Well, I feel like I can trust you more than anybo...

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Ariabunny101 Ariabunny101 Jul 08, 2016
😲For a second there I thought it said purple haired princess.
vantesthetic vantesthetic Jan 11, 2016
Let me solve this 
                              Some say purple
                              Some say blue
                              When in all honesty its indigo which is purple and blue.
blueeyesdarkmagic blueeyesdarkmagic Jul 26, 2015
Chrom has purple hair? Yeah nope. Let us stick our blue haired main character.
i_am_a_fangirl_89 i_am_a_fangirl_89 Jun 06, 2015
                              *tries to imagine Chrom with purple hair*
                              Nah, I'll think I'll stick with blue.