My Mate Alexander (BWWM) Completed

My Mate Alexander (BWWM) Completed

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Kenney an omega.
Alexander a Beta.

Kennedy is a young girl a body painted full of bruises. Barely educated in the werewolf world she finds herself a little confused about mostly everything. She's pushed around like a dead weight. Only putting up with the torture for her younger siblings. Twins- Kyle and Kylie. Once Kenney is pushed to the limit she leaves the pack with what she has left. 

Alexander is a young guy with a body sculpted by a God himself. He's got a full life filled with friends and family. Even though he has this 'full' life the still feels empty inside, waiting on his mate.

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Warning:Sexual Content

Published February 20,2015

First Book in My Mate Series.

instead of 'stop slut shaming' how about we stop insulting girls period. we are supposed to build each other up and not tear them down
The_kidSam The_kidSam Jan 18
Once upon a time 1 minute ago, i met a hoe! Because im readin it, i wont take it back cause she suckin dick! She is a hoe!
cuttieevermore cuttieevermore Jun 30, 2016
.... i can't. .. i mean i can't just let anyone beat me. I never. .. i rather die tbh this makes me so upset that no one has tried to help her.
svdgh0st svdgh0st Apr 29, 2016
I really want her glo up to be so strong and then her mate's pick should be so strong, her old pack would need their help
PANDA_BEEF_1o1 PANDA_BEEF_1o1 Jul 15, 2015
I love Loki... This has nothing to do with this but anyone else think Loki from the avengers is sexy af
channte channte Mar 03, 2015
@Catherine2963 I 're read it and I went back and change it, and thank you