My Mate Alexander (BWWM) Completed

My Mate Alexander (BWWM) Completed

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Kenney an omega.
Alexander a Beta.

Kennedy is a young girl a body painted full of bruises. Barely educated in the werewolf world she finds herself a little confused about mostly everything. She's pushed around like a dead weight. Only putting up with the torture for her younger siblings. Twins- Kyle and Kylie. Once Kenney is pushed to the limit she leaves the pack with what she has left. 

Alexander is a young guy with a body sculpted by a God himself. He's got a full life filled with friends and family. Even though he has this 'full' life the still feels empty inside, waiting on his mate.

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Warning:Sexual Content

Published February 20,2015

First Book in My Mate Series.

The_kidSam The_kidSam 3 days ago
Once upon a time 1 minute ago, i met a hoe! Because im readin it, i wont take it back cause she suckin dick! She is a hoe!
cuttieevermore cuttieevermore Jun 30, 2016
.... i can't. .. i mean i can't just let anyone beat me. I never. .. i rather die tbh this makes me so upset that no one has tried to help her.
HttpG0re HttpG0re Apr 29, 2016
I really want her glo up to be so strong and then her mate's pick should be so strong, her old pack would need their help
PANDA_BEEF_1o1 PANDA_BEEF_1o1 Jul 15, 2015
I love Loki... This has nothing to do with this but anyone else think Loki from the avengers is sexy af
channte channte Mar 03, 2015
@Catherine2963 I 're read it and I went back and change it, and thank you
catherine2963 catherine2963 Mar 03, 2015
Any one else think that was funny? No. Okay then just me I guess