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The boys of One Direction are about fed up with their celebrity lifestyles. Sure, you've got the money and the fans and all of that good shit, but then there's the media and the paparazzi, running back forth between interviews and award shows, and just trying to live up to everyone's expectations.

So when Zayn's good friend, Noyoka, invites the boys on her family trip back to Jamaica, the boys are all up for it. When they get there, they immediately fall in love with Jamaica. The beach, the people, the music, the culture, the marijuana, etc. 

But before the boys can think it can't get any better, they meet Noyoka's friends, four black and beautiful girls with long braids, accents, and the sexiest bodies the boys have ever seen.

Not even their own girlfriends can compete.

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melaninesia melaninesia Apr 02, 2016
White girls cannot compete with chocolate we've been knowing this
PhiphiBabyy PhiphiBabyy Jul 03, 2016
Is it wrong that as soon as I saw black girls I clicked on this? #RepresentationMatters #Melaninqueens
ivyspetals ivyspetals Jun 11, 2016
I just stumbled on the greatest thing in my life !!!!! my culture and the loves of my life in ONE STORY! YASSSS 😍😍😍😍😍
KoreanPoo KoreanPoo May 20, 2016
Dis gonna be good 🔥 Gonna go take my pizza and sit my ass on my couch. Perfect friday. Wattpad and chill 👏🏾
castawayhemmings castawayhemmings Nov 15, 2015
When I read the name of the story I was like "dis gon' be a good story bruh"
victoriataylor_ victoriataylor_ Jun 19, 2015
Please answer this.... why is it named 'trini dem girls' if it's about Jamaicans?  it doesn't make sense to me....