Mori's Twin Sister (OHSHC love story)

Mori's Twin Sister (OHSHC love story)

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The car drove up to the house, and I looked out the window. It was just how I remembered it. Big and beautiful, with blue roses blooming outside the entrance window. I could see my parents running up to the car to greet me.

"Rina! It has been so long!" My mother says hugging me. I hug her back, tears in my eyes. "How was England and Ireland?" She asks. "It was great! But I'm just glad to be back home with you guys." I say, now hugging my father. "Come on! We will have servants bring your stuff in while we talk.

I was a bit nervous to go into the house. I haven't seen anyone in 10 years. I was sent off to England with my Aunt and Uncle, because they wanted me to get a good education. When we moved to Ireland couple years later, we had heard that my twin brother was going into a private academy that gave a good education. So they decided to move me back to Japan after 2 years in Ireland. Boy, was I glad to be back home.

We walked in the door, and the house was just like it was when I ...

Master_Alex Master_Alex Aug 28, 2016
My mind is sooo god damn blown!!!! * The top of my head pops off with a explosion sound*😆
CrystalBloodRose CrystalBloodRose Sep 11, 2016
my mom made me hide to surprise my brothers and sisters when I cam home alot
OuranHostGirl OuranHostGirl Aug 23, 2016
I kinda feel like you just called him mori cause you forgot his first name is Takashi
_mishmash_ _mishmash_ Jun 14, 2016
I would have hid in the closet or just in front of the door. Not close enough to get hit. On purpose anyway.
WaterProof1126 WaterProof1126 Aug 03, 2016
Only person I know who could look good in that yellow bananna looking monstrosity that was made in the pits of hell is Renge
- - Jun 16, 2016
England from hetalia has visited reader chan with his brother.....its miracel😂