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The Alphas Abused Mate

The Alphas Abused Mate

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Cyndel Fouts By _Miss_Independent_ Updated 4 days ago

Hi my name's Ali my wolf's name is ivroy and this is my story.
when my mom died I was 6 my dad was so sweet and carrying until the day she died that is. Of course I didn't understand why he was hurting me I was sad and confused of where my mom had gone. Since then I always thought I was the cause of my mother's death....

Will Ali escape this torture and find her mate or will she be stuck there forever.

This book is going under some major editing. Please bare with me! 

                      ~Cyndel Fouts
All rights reserved

emmonono emmonono May 22, 2016
she says "father" but he IS her father whether she likes it or not. his' sperm = same blood = father and daughter relationship. sad but true. @CyndelFouts1998
She_Wolf1618 She_Wolf1618 Oct 10, 2016
Yes! Finally a good alpha that dosnt kill people who trespass on there lands!!
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Nov 20, 2016
So her dad is a real nasty Alpha who as going to let her get raped by his buddies what a sleeze
_Miss_Independent_ _Miss_Independent_ Sep 18, 2015
Keep reading they are in there I have to edit the first few chapters