The Grey Area(BWWM) *Completed/Editing*

The Grey Area(BWWM) *Completed/Editing*

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T.W. By Indigowildchild Completed

Savannah Cox was the type of female who when it comes to love she isn't that quite friendly in the department.Savannah had a rough childhood and was determined to succeed in life despite her hardships. She decided to move from New Orleans, LA to the small, quaint town of Westford, MA for more benefits.What she found there within three months of her move, is something that she wasn't quite expecting.

 Ethan McDounough wasn't like the other guys in his town. He actually wanted to have a relationship with a woman, but hasn't found the right one.  Ever since his horrific childhood, he has become very insecure about himself and that is one of the reasons for his lack of love. He owns a local bar and grill called " Life Source". One evening at his bar, a woman walks in and its the start of something new.

How would these two help each other? What challenges will they face along the way? Will they actually find the love they've been looking for? 

Read on to see their journey of love...

CarmenHenry CarmenHenry Feb 17, 2016
Omfg. "Dont say nothin to me boy, you look like a motherfuckin uuuuuuuuuuuhhh" Im dead asf 😂😂😂
sapphique12 sapphique12 May 08, 2016
Stereotypical mixed ppl act like they are god's gift to man if u don't get yo Best of both worlds lookin ass 😹😹😹
- - Jul 15, 2016
Gurl you need to teach me how to put on a good show of a interview!😉
EriikaReal EriikaReal Apr 13, 2016
Well dàmn....just tell all her business why don't cha. Seriously though these people did a background check on her or something....just know everything 😂
joyislife joyislife Jan 05, 2016
Also love me some Tom Hardy. Mmmm just had a moment lol. You can't find a TH story.
BaiXxo BaiXxo Nov 28, 2015
Look who's calling the kettle black.... I'm not ugly... Puberty hasn't kicked in yet