➳ imagines {slow updates}

➳ imagines {slow updates}

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☾ By alyswithay Updated Oct 22, 2017

~ Imagines
~ Preferences (don't have any yet)

Also, my first imagines are kinda shitty compared to the others, because I was younger and stuff, anyways, y'all should start with the Robbie Kay ones and after! 
Just an advice ;)
I will probably be editing the first imagines ( the ones i find shitty ) and so will get back to you onto that subject! :)

really (but i mean reaaaaally) slow updates because i have school featuring anxiety, but i still update i promise!

requests are closed, sorry!

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ILuvJackMaynard ILuvJackMaynard Feb 24, 2017
I love this book its so good and I'm not just saying that. you did a great job!!! if I were to grade you which I'm not. lol I would for sure give you a 100/100