The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Basket fanfics)(Aomine x oc)

The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Basket fanfics)(Aomine x oc)

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CJ By animecoloursmyworld Updated Sep 09

'I'll love you forever. Even if it means going against the whole world.'

THEY changed. HE changed. SHE changed. THEY all changed . Because of HER, THEY changed. Because of HIM, SHE changed.  

Now, what's going to happen when The Ace and The Diamond tries bringing each others back.

TWO people. Broken because of ONE mistake. 

'I miss her, her smiles and the way she encourages me .'

'I miss him, his hugs and the way he laughs when he plays.'

Since she left, he's been like that. Skipping lessons, lazily sleeping on the rooftop, playing basketball in the way that she hated. He might look like that, a pervert after big-breasted girls, but it was actually only a desperate attempt to fill that gaping hole in his heart. 

More than a year later, she's finally back. She's tired of always trying to escape. Now, she's dead-set on pulling him back. Back to that road where it's only been them, walking hand-in-hand. And this time, she's not letting go. Not even if it means, it would break her heart.

Credit: This awesome cover is made by @myawesomestar6 !!!! Look for her for more amazing cover!

Won first prize in Knb watty awards 2015 Aomine Daiki category

Yes! I'm so envious of Aomine's formless shots! I want to do those moves! :')
I saw the new update and I haven't read this book in so long underneath all the other stories that I'm currently reading, so I thought I'd reread the whole thing. I mean, why not? Its pretty (extremely) good anyway so...
cgcg1985 cgcg1985 Mar 12
Someone recommended to me... He told me the story was so awesome n amazing... I start realized when I start read yesterday.....:))
BabyKaikes BabyKaikes Jul 19
Ikr!! That was exactly the reason I love him, plus he's hot as hell!!
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OMG yass aomine is my all time crush, almost every photo I have is his fan art xD
PreciousOyadonghan PreciousOyadonghan Nov 30, 2015
I really like Aomine too you're story is what I been looking for goodluck