The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Basket fanfics)(Aomine x oc)

The Ace of Diamond (Kuroko no Basket fanfics)(Aomine x oc)

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CJ By animecoloursmyworld Updated Dec 28, 2017

"Do you want to join the basketball club? " His beautiful red hair glinted under the gentle touch of the sun rays as he moved the next Shogi piece. 

It started with just one question. 

A question he asked the aquamarine haired girl sitting opposite him. 

The quiet, untrusting girl with a past too sorrowful for words joined. Because a request from her dearest brother, she wouldn't turn down. That's when she entered a place she used to know. Home. They broke down her guarded walls and showered her with all their love. Because to them, she was their most precious sister. 

But there was one dark blue haired boy who saw her more than that. To him, she was the rival he never could defeat. 

For the first time, she begun to trust. 

But there was one thing even The Diamond, with her lightning speed and strategic mind, couldn't stop. 

And that was, their change. The change that betrayed her trust. 

TWO people. Broken because of ONE mistake. 

'I miss her, her smiles and the way she laughs when she plays.'

'I miss him, his hugs and the way he never stops challenging me.'

If time could turn back, perhaps, I would still have chosen to trust all of you. Because the fun we've had, the happiness you've given me, is impossible to let go. You guys who used to love basketball more than anything in the world, I won't allowed you to look down on it anymore. That's why...

It's about time I return. 

-This awesome cover is made by @myawesomestar6 !!!! Look for her for more amazing cover!
-Many thanks to my fantastic editor @BabyKaikes !!! 

Won first prize in Knb watty awards 2015 Aomine Daiki category

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_BurriTooru _BurriTooru Nov 17, 2017
god this is like 6th re-reading .... i cant stop 'cause IM INLOVE WITH IT//slapped
apple_eve215 apple_eve215 Mar 12, 2016
Yes! I'm so envious of Aomine's formless shots! I want to do those moves! :')
The_7_slayers The_7_slayers Sep 09, 2016
I saw the new update and I haven't read this book in so long underneath all the other stories that I'm currently reading, so I thought I'd reread the whole thing. I mean, why not? Its pretty (extremely) good anyway so...
cgcg1985 cgcg1985 Mar 12, 2016
Someone recommended to me... He told me the story was so awesome n amazing... I start realized when I start read yesterday.....:))
BabyKaikes BabyKaikes Jul 19, 2016
Ikr!! That was exactly the reason I love him, plus he's hot as hell!!
- - Jan 12, 2016
OMG yass aomine is my all time crush, almost every photo I have is his fan art xD