Dance For Me (a Justin Bieber Love Story)

Dance For Me (a Justin Bieber Love Story)

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Justins secret girlfriend.. By BieberGiggles Updated Apr 17, 2013

When Justins back-up dancers decide to all leave, months before they're suppose to start the world tour, Justin is almost forced to cancel the tour, after refusing to cancel they decide to audition new dancers.

Alice Shelton is a young girl with a passion for dance and a passion for bieber. 
when she hears about the auditions she isn't slowly to put her name down.

as soon as she walks through the door at the audition and their eyes meet, there's a spark. 
is this love at first sight?

GoldonMaknae GoldonMaknae Jan 23, 2017
Daddy there you are i was looking every where for you !!!😂
mvonkeller mvonkeller Apr 19, 2016
Ppl should use the name Melody... Like I know its not common but its rly pretty and unique. I've never seen a fanfic with a girl named Melody
bieberforbutera bieberforbutera Mar 10, 2016
*30 minutes later* mum i sorta made a dent in the car but it's not massive 
                              Mum: WHATTT
chealsea179 chealsea179 Apr 22, 2016
Yasssss like there is nothing better than that ( on a serious level not even joking right now )
karlaasaiz97 karlaasaiz97 Jun 23, 2016
Im drinking wine while readinh this. And its definitely not my first glass. I hope i can remember what i read tonight
GoldonMaknae GoldonMaknae Jan 23, 2017
True who would pass the opportunity to be a JUSTIN -sex god - BIEBER'S back up dancer , some ppl are so stupid smh 😠😠