Hidden Truths

Hidden Truths

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NerdyBookworm000 By NerdyBookworm000 Updated Oct 08, 2016

Stella Adamson, the hottest girl in school, #1 among the popular kids, and the head cheerleader. Full of charisma and confidence, kids bow to her presence. The fact that she is also rich makes her perfection. Everyone knows she is bisexual and still they love her. High School is her kingdom. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. Everyone notices her except for one. Its the one person she wants to notice her the most. Its Nicole Jennings.

Nicole Jennings, the nerd, the quiet timid girl, the nobody. At least that's what people think. She is the girl with a double life. In school, she is the human punching bag. Outside of school, she is the adventurous dare-devil, the most outgoing person out there. With that build body of hers, she'd make any girl, straight or not, drool at her feet. She is a straight on lesbian, but only her family and close friends knows it.

Nicole has feelings for Stella. But the only thing holding her back is the one thing she thrives upon. So when senior year finally comes, how will this relationship blossom? If at all?

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