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The Head Hill By TheHeadHill Completed

Lela and Leah are twin sisters that have grown up together and have a bond stronger than life itself. As time goes on, they find out a family secret that has been kept from them since birth. 

They come from a long line of witches. 

When one sister develops powers and meets a new clique of magical friends, and the other doesn't, a mixture of pride and jealousy began to weigh on their close relationship, turning them against eachother. 

When the other sister finally does develop powers and gets her own new clique of magical friends, it becomes a full on battle between the two cliques, with the age old classic story of good versus evil.

Packed with lots of magic, ass kicking, drama and suspense. This is a bewitching story that you don't want to miss.

CorruptingInnocence CorruptingInnocence Jun 06, 2016
If I'm gonna be honest I'm absolute clueless as to what she just said but I'm intrigued
lucasglambert lucasglambert Aug 19, 2016
Hi guys, please help me with my fairytales about witches, magic, supernatural, etc.
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_aunsley_ _aunsley_ Nov 22, 2015
The first chapter is like so interesting, U should try to publish it
KweenPen91 KweenPen91 Nov 13, 2014
third time reading this book no other book on this app can compare
HallyBibi HallyBibi Apr 08, 2014
Doesn't the lady on the front cover resemble so accurately to Roxanne Mitchell (the character) from Eastenders.... freaky!
gaelsgarcia gaelsgarcia Jan 01, 2014
The video at the side is brilliant, and the novel is great as well.