Old McLarsen had some Farms

Old McLarsen had some Farms

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Christine Larsen By cdcraftee Updated Apr 13, 2015

"You two become farmers? You must be kidding!" How little our friends really knew us. Sure, that's how life had been for the Secretary and the Building Supervisor... but those were the keywords - "had been". 

An opportunity had arisen to learn farming, working for a friend for 18 months on a 6,000 acre cropping and sheep farm he'd inherited... our 'apprenticeship'. Once our rural sojourn began, it continued until today on our small retirement farm.

Here are the tales of our journey, filled with humour and pathos; joy and a few sorrows, too; and woven throughout, our absolute love for the land and the animals we have shared our lives with. Each chapter is a 'stand alone' providing a choice for a quick read 'on the move' - or a more leisurely and relaxed involvement with my words.  

Enjoyed this first book in my 'Old McLarsen had some Farms' series? Now  there's 'everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask' about a decade of dairy-farming in South Australia in my second book - 'The Milky Way'.

This first book is available in ebook format at Amazon, and through Smashwords and their outlets, and I have been pre-recording excerpts for local radio. These are to be broadcast soon and I will be able to share them on Soundcloud in far superior quality than my amateurish sampling there just now. 
I have also begun a couple of different kinds of memoirs - 'Just Moodling About... My Favourite Things', and another - 'Growing up in the Fifties'
And -  'Wishful Thinker' - my first collection of short/short stories and anecdotes . My writing skills don't extend to the creation of deeply hidden allegories or metaphors. I like it this way and hope you understand my simplicity of choice.

I welcome your thoughts on my stories. This  way I can learn and write in the future, so please don't be afraid to express 'the good and the bad' (maybe not any 'ugly'). And please don't hesitate to share and/or vote to show your enjoyment.