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Willow By Mistress_Mystery1099 Updated Sep 23, 2015

This story is about a weak little girl called Tsuki Yamanaka. The girl this girl had zero presence even without hiding her chakra in fact even the greatest Kage would have trouble finding her even if she was right next to them but she was weak so she is not going to become a ninja right... Wrong she is sent there to be come stronger and so she can stop bothering everyone but her main question is 'how can a girl with no presence bother anyone?' 

Hehe, hi friends I know I have a cupple more stories and I shouldn't be posting this one since I should be updating them but I thought this idea was cool and I don't see many ino's sister fanfics so I wrote one WARNING LATER ON THE STORY MAY BECOME CLICHÉ BY ACCIDENT

All rights go to the original owner this is a nonprofit fan-fiction. Naruto does not belong to me however my OC's do belong to me so please don't use them without permission.

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Gem254 Gem254 Oct 02, 2017
hahaha i remember Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko no Basuke hahahahaha
Mizunami9 Mizunami9 a day ago
My little brother is a ninja. He just disappears and reappears without you seeing him! He's the one who really needs a bell!
Mizunami9 Mizunami9 a day ago
;-; L SENPAI! COME BACK!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mizunami9 Mizunami9 a day ago
PLOT TWIST: She is secretly Sonic the Hedgehog's daughter and she is Ino's ADOPTED sister!
Message_ Message_ Sep 22, 2017
I take 10 minutes to get up, 10 to get dressed, I can't cook, 20 minutes to eat, and 2 minutes to brush my hair.
princess70987 princess70987 Oct 28, 2017
It’s me 1 hour to get ready for school it stars at 8 and I wake up at 7 at night