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The Dragon Rider

The Dragon Rider

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Ariel Summers By arielsummer21 Updated Jul 08

Percy gets betrayed by camp, not because of his brother. He had no brother. Percy Jackson was framed. Now the Gods seem to be losing control of something... This story is a Chaos story but used in a different way. 

By : PercyJacksonfan4life on

Multi-Gamer10 Multi-Gamer10 Sep 11, 2016
I'm just imagining Percy laughing his head off while madly swinging his weapon at Kronos.
Jesusdiedforyou Jesusdiedforyou Apr 18, 2016
Try writing 'behind the wall was a long tunnel. Even though it was dim the crystals on the roof gave off enough light to see by.' 
                              Just wanted to help u with improving your story if that's ok with u.
- - Dec 11, 2016
um a dragon egg is a pretty hollow stone to some so why a wall? and where did it come from?
BlitzDestroyer BlitzDestroyer Mar 28, 2016
(Not to be rude just making a random comment here [plz ignore if you want to]) Where did he get a trident? Or a mace? Or a javelin? Or a Glock 17? Or an AUG A1? Or a sledgehammer? Or a, well you get the point
Lovethefanfix Lovethefanfix Dec 15, 2016
Wow!!! A big EGG shaped rock!!! In a CAVE! With a MAGICAL entrance! I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD BE....?????
DaFlamingango DaFlamingango Sep 05, 2016
How could you shoot a bow a kilometer, that is like saying I could lose my wings and become a pig.