It's a she and I'm addicted. (girlxgirl)

It's a she and I'm addicted. (girlxgirl)

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:): By tarantinotoby Updated Sep 06, 2017

She isn't what she seems, she's nothing but a dream. Ally wasn't someone whom you would call "good," in fact she was the complete opposite. 

Nesa was into one hell of a ride when she met Ally. She's what you call "innocent." Maybe a bit too innocent to keep up. Alex was her first boyfriend and last. Little did she know, Ally will make her feel things no one could.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls want to burn it down."

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ItsAMadTeaParty ItsAMadTeaParty Sep 12, 2017
And I thought I was productive when I turned my homework in today.
LionAnderson LionAnderson Jul 02, 2016
Awee, shoot for the gun but not for the bullet- Shamaya Norman
WorldsDankestMemes WorldsDankestMemes Feb 11, 2017
Wait this is completely unrelated but I was looking at the end of the description 
                              "Good girls Go to heaven, bad girls want to burn it down, decent people don't believe in heaven
Leelee005 Leelee005 Sep 22, 2015
She doesn't really like Nesa then, if she reminds ally of hazel.