Levi x male reader

Levi x male reader

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_Blue_diamond_ By _Blue_diamond_ Completed

This is my first AOT story and 
Guys there will be
Out of character moments
Like a lot because I 
Have only seen
Three episodes 
And have never read the manga 
So enjoy and I might make this story/stories-maybe- a one shot
Type of shitty thing 

Just enjoy and comment 


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TrappedMarionette TrappedMarionette Apr 23, 2017
This doesn't affect anything but, would you please do one where (M/N) gets eaten by a Titan saving Levi's life (Just like Eren did to Armin) please? You don't have to, but, I would really appreciate it
aobaxnoizxclear aobaxnoizxclear Jul 13, 2017
This is half asseds like Marco 
                              I was cut SHORT in this XD
                              No just me.......I will go drown myself
MyLifeAsAYaoiFan MyLifeAsAYaoiFan Jun 10, 2017
wow if y/n could not tell what levi felt about him  them he must be really dense.
Corrupted_ Corrupted_ Dec 29, 2016
I feel like this would sprout into an abusive relationship. Rip me, not another one of those.
Corrupted_ Corrupted_ Dec 29, 2016
Knock- knock- knock- knock me on my ass and make me your prince.