Sex Slave (Justin Bieber)

Sex Slave (Justin Bieber)

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alezee By alezee Updated Jun 26, 2015

Stephanie POV: 

I was in class with my friend Ariana and we were in the worst class which is English learning about some shit I really didn't really care for. 

Ten minutes later the bell rings. 

Ari: "Glad that's over." She said walking to the door. 

"Yeah but I got to go cause my mom and dad left out of town and I have to go pick up my little sister."

"Kk bye love ya girly and tell Mia I said wassup." She said putting her stuff in her locker.

"K bye." I said giving her a hug then walking out the building and I had to walk to my sisters school cause today I didn't fell like taking the car.

I got to the school and waited for her to come out side.

Do you like the way I flick my tounge or nah (or nah) you can ride my face until you drip and cum.

(my ringtone) and it was my aunt. M meaning me a meaning aunt.

M: "hello."

A: "Hey Stephanie your mom told me to tell you to bring Mia over to my house."

M:, "Okay what time?" I said walking up to the school doors looking through them....

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Can you lick the tip or throw the d** k or nah can you tel stretch that pu**y out or nah
XbabyGilinskyX XbabyGilinskyX Mar 16, 2016
Either she's really dumb or she's hella smart and she's playing him, making him think she won't try to escape when really she is
XbabyGilinskyX XbabyGilinskyX Mar 16, 2016
Is this bitch on drugs? Like did she hate her old life or something
kmb080204 kmb080204 Jul 26, 2016
What wrong with her she has a sister and she is getting way to cozy there
Niah_c_xoxo Niah_c_xoxo Aug 12, 2016
At least theres one girl on wattpad who isnt flipping stupid and at least trys to call the cops 😂😂
CaptiveInMyKiss CaptiveInMyKiss Feb 13, 2016
You would think that she would be creating an escape plan or something-- nah she just chilling.