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Sing to Me

Sing to Me

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lovealwayskarla By lovealwayskarla Completed

Anna Hayes wants one thing out of life: to be a singer. Not a record-covers-and-put-them-on-youtube singer, but a sold-out-tour singer. She has decided that the best way to do this is by auditioning for the most popular singing competition in the nation.  

Enter Dex, the British hearttrob, Mackenzie the not-so-shy shy boy, and Liz the pretty girl with extra sass, three others who feel the same way Anna does. The night before auditions, the night before all of their dreams are on the line, the four meet and instantly, they know they've found something undeniable. Instead of audtioning as soloists, they decide to audtion as a group, and thus Midnight Madness is formed.  

However, they never anticipated the pressure the competition would bring on them as they begin to move forward. They never anticipated the fan base that would support them. And Anna? She certainly never anticipated falling in love.    

Cover: SwirlPecks  

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of the song lyrics used in this story. They belong to the artists, song writers, and record labels responsible for producing them.

WhiteTigerLilyRemixs WhiteTigerLilyRemixs Dec 24, 2016
I play the flute and this year I started trumpet for jazz band I also did violin for 1 Summer
Myblacksirenromance Myblacksirenromance Dec 16, 2016
Dude same! But I prefer piano and am gonna learn violin soon
madgirlcraze madgirlcraze Nov 15, 2016
Okay, first of all, he should be used to that weather because HELLO!? He's from ENGLAND! 
                              It is always cold up there; they will wear shorts when it 60 degrees. 
                              Second of all... Im bored.
JOURNEY IS MY LIFE ASDFHSKNAKA. I saw them in concert once and I died.
LittleTran LittleTran Jan 06
Ayy i play flute and piano too. I tried guitar but ukulele is much easier
neverendingsarcasm neverendingsarcasm Oct 25, 2016
Has anyone seen the version of the song Forest where Tyler kinda just sang it through the streets? Yeah, this is reminding me of that..