Not Quite the Opposites (camren)

Not Quite the Opposites (camren)

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Lauren Jauregui is the epitome of independence. She could do whatever she wanted without seeking for help. She has a family by her side, a boyfriend who spoils her and just enough friends to feel social. Because of her mother's job, Lauren was forced to move several times in last four years of her life which made any form of attachment nearly impossible. Now, at 18, she was back to her hometown. Despite the strong and responsible girl everyone else sees, the green-eyed brunette never believed anybody who ever said she was beautiful, let alone perfect. In fact, she never thought anyone was perfect. That was until she met an equally independent and self-reliant, Camila Cabello who had hidden insecurities of her own.

PS: The cover is credits to my bae, my main squeeze, my lady love, my future wife (HAHAHAHAHAHA), @meerkat93. She might make something for your stories if you ask nicely. Haha Thanks again, babe. :p

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PsycHOTiclauren PsycHOTiclauren Dec 27, 2017
I told one of my closest friend that i was gay and when she said that it is only a phase and ill get over it it broke my heart
LuxLora LuxLora Jul 16, 2017
I wasn't allowed to wear makeup when I was 13... Now my mom begs for me to put some lip gloss on 😅
lernjergiez lernjergiez Dec 01, 2017
Hmmmm....i mean. It's just a hunch. But could you be, just maybe,  feeling....the wind
Annie5H Annie5H Jun 26, 2017
This was me a year ago. I made a lot of progress accepting my sexuality and coming out to all my friends
Bidibidibombom_ Bidibidibombom_ Jul 02, 2017
^ Yeah is it? 😂 coz I was about to read Professor C until I realized it's actually a sequel to this one.
badthingswithu badthingswithu Jul 10, 2017
I could feel something in the air. Theres something coming. Fart.