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fated mates......... warning this story is restricted and does contain sex scene

fated mates......... warning this story is restricted and does contain sex scene

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fifimacnelson By fifimacnelson Completed

So Mari is the eldest child, at the age of nine she watches as her mom and dad are slaughtered by the rogues pack, Her pack is small but come from a strong gifted line. Mari and her brother and sister are wisked away before they are taken.  They go to live with there Aunt rose who is apart of the Silver Moon Pack one of the largest and strongest packs there is, There they settle in and meet there new family,throughout the years there's been many werewolves went missing, all is well with them untill shes snatched away? Her family have lost all hope of ever finding her alive...

fifimacnelson fifimacnelson Sep 07, 2016
I'm  glad your enjoying it x i love the characters in this story and yes i know the grammer ect is bad lol
fifimacnelson fifimacnelson May 20, 2014
I do apologise for my bad spelling mistakes,( sarcassism) and as for the catty comment, is this published) did you pay to read it, the answer would be NO! It's free, if it really offends you don't read it . It is what it is, my first attempt at writing a story,
AcidSoakedCloud AcidSoakedCloud Jul 29, 2013
Can you stop using iv? It would be I've sorry not trying to be rude but it just kinda bugs me most spelling errors don't bother me but that one just does. THANKS lol :)
xXxmimilovexXx xXxmimilovexXx Jul 29, 2013
it's great but put more periods, the sentences get a little long :)
fifimacnelson fifimacnelson Jan 05, 2013
@TrivStar  thanks so much for your imput iv took it on board, and yeah i do really suck at the editing part of it lol 
                              thanks for the advice about the pictures and what not, and hopefully il adventually get them downloaded  cheersx
bubblegummies1996 bubblegummies1996 Dec 07, 2012
Well,normally I don't read werewolves books but I like this one,  keep writing, you'll get more votes before you know it but it takes time though, great job.