the Not So Villainous Tales of Super Villainy

the Not So Villainous Tales of Super Villainy

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"I'm left scarred, proudly- as if each mark on my character were an initial, a signature in the guestbook of my existence. An 'I was here' where someone thought my body worthy of such vandalism." -Dan Beirne 

This is not a story of Right concurring over Wrong. The good guy does not beat the bad man to a bloody pulp and walk off with the damsel in wrapped in his arms. Neither is this a tale of true love triumphing over all with a happy ending cherry on top.  

This is a story about a Villain doing what Villains do best.

There is no internal struggle of whether he is good or bad. He knows who he is and he knows what he wants. The only question is at what point does the end no longer justify the means? 

Because Dorian Gates is not the 'Hero' of this story. 

He is the Villain and he loves it.

*Warning: ManxMan if you do not like then do not read.

ButNeverDoubtILove ButNeverDoubtILove Sep 05, 2016
This line is so deep that I can already tell that the person who wrote this is very talented. Share your skills!!! I'm jealous
Probably-Lucifer Probably-Lucifer Jun 22, 2016
There's one thing that's bugging me, please don't be upset. The first letter of the first word of a title is ALWAYS capital, no matter the word
HazelClaireIvy HazelClaireIvy Apr 12, 2016
First sentence is a bit cliche but it gets better. Cliche is gone.
LafeMD LafeMD Mar 26, 2016
It's very good so far. Has a strong message, and seems to flow well for the most part. The pacing is bit fast for my taste, and your world building could probably use some help but that's all relative.
                              Overall, I like it and am going to keep reading. Lucian is already a great character. I like him.
SlimThickArithmetic SlimThickArithmetic Jun 21, 2016
Really? Nine is a young age, I'm fairly certain that the maximum is more than mine. 
                              Seriously. Shouldn't it be around 17?
Laguardia seems understanding- actually telling the kid that he can choose