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Loving Every Curve

Loving Every Curve

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jeneen17 By jeneen17 Updated Jan 24

Aye... Aye we don't do no kissin no kissin no kissin NO don't know where yo mouth been but I know where it's going I groaned as one of my favorite songs blasted through my room. I sluggishly got up out my bed turned off my alarm and made my way to my connected bathroom. As I looked at myself in the mirror all I could think was why was my body the way it was extra weight in unwanted places, how tall I was and my dull smile that couldn't even hide my pain and sorrows anymore. I'm about 5'9 small chest with big hips butt and thighs with a really pretty big smile along with hair that reaches the middle of my back. "Mia wake up" my dad yelled from downstairs I smiled at my fathers pleasant voice "ok" I semi yelled back. Hi my name is Mia Nevaeh Smith I'm not your average plus size girl who doesn't have confidence I walk with my head held high through even the worst of problems. I decided since it was in the middle of the winter I would have to dress really warm especially since my school is...

BoWdOwn_Ho3 BoWdOwn_Ho3 May 16, 2015
Great start. Just remember  to add quotation marks so the dialogue  can be understood.  Hope you keep updating!