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Less Than Human (On Hold)

Less Than Human (On Hold)

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Welcome! ^_^ By IAmWeirdoAndPervert Updated Jun 19, 2016

Ten months and one day ago everything was the way it was on earth, normal. Nothing changed, we still had wars, world hunger and so on and so forth.
    Ten months ago is when everything began to go awry.
    Lucian, is only seventeen and living in a world plagued with chaos. Ten months ago we got visitors from space... Yeah I know sounds stupid right? Well, except they're not what you have expected. What I mean is, they're not little green aliens with a big heads or anything abnormal. They look human, but in truth are far from it.
    These visitors take an abnormal interest in Lucian, saying he's different, that he smells breathtakingly good. But what exactly is different about Lucian and why is everyone out for his blood?

Note: Currently in the process of editing. Things most likely won't add up right but bare with it.
    ****SLOW UPDATES****
    This is a BoyXBoy story. Which means GAY! Love it! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    © Copyright 2015 - All rights reserved.

Princess_of_ships Princess_of_ships Nov 25, 2016
Trump is dead...holy sh*t! I bow to you visitors!!! 😀👍
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 Dec 21, 2016
Well, damn...I am thoroughly interested now. By the way, does cutting off the head, holy water, stake to the heart, and sunlight not work?
wolf13411 wolf13411 Jan 19
In real life there are only about 20-27 million people on earth
CheshireKillings CheshireKillings Dec 19, 2016
does anyone else like the authors name XD #IAmWeirdoAndPervert
Moonbeatx Moonbeatx Jun 23, 2016
If this happened I would be the last one to find out😂 *10 months after the arrival* yawn, What's about aliens? 😂😂
animesnow animesnow Sep 11, 2016
Lol if only I read this after the presidential election for the US.