Revenge of a Dead Girl #Wattys2016

Revenge of a Dead Girl #Wattys2016

530K Reads 16K Votes 26 Part Story
Ainee Raizel By NEEonPink Completed

Highest Rank: #4 in horror category.


Her best friend betrayed her
Her boyfriend cheated on her.
Her parents abandoned her.
Her fake friends bullied her.

She has no where else to go. So, she decided to disappear to see if that would change anything.

But nothing did... no one cared about her at all.

After a year of her death, the students at school are experiencing chaos, connected murders, deaths of their family,


The lost soul's appearance...

She will make them experience what she felt.

She'll return full of vengeance.

And take her Revenge.


The first book in the series "Playing Demons"


real_reader_200 real_reader_200 a day ago
Yoo Ma is so stupid she thought the dead girl wouldn't come back
                              😂😂 probably a stupid joke but.... it's whatever, right
RosanneOfTheDark RosanneOfTheDark 7 days ago
At this part, Yoo ma knew,...
                              She fücked up.
Her boyfriend is a scumbag as for Yoo Ma she isn't Young Ji's friend.
APerfectNoBody APerfectNoBody 6 days ago
Well we now know who's /probably/ gonna be the first one dead
taexnity_ taexnity_ Mar 09
Damn i thought he said Yo Ma! Like hey mother lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shit_We_Read Shit_We_Read 3 days ago
You bitch how can you talk about someone like that!?! I will skin you alive you incompetent fool