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Blub Blub Blub By MurMurLINXX Updated Jun 18, 2015

Eren walked along the side of the road getting closer to the school, once he got there he was met by a short but slightly older boy who looked bout a little shorter than his size,


The boy looked up from his book his eyes were fixed intently on.


"My name is Eren and I just transfered to this school"

Yes?...and your point is?"

"I was wondering if you could show me were the principals office is, if that's alright..."

"I have better things to do" the boy pushed past Eren and re-opned his book.

"Can you at least tell me your name?" Eren did a half smile to encourage the guy.

"I'm Levi.... Levi Heichou" 

"I'm Eren!" Eren said quickly.

"Are we down here?"

"Please can you show me were it is that's all I ask"

"Fine...." Levi sighed shutting his book and walking towards the entrance of the school.
Levi sure does have butiful eyes Eren thought blushing he quickly shook his head, what am I thinking I only just met him!
"Here you go its right there.." Levi s...

MrBishieOYL MrBishieOYL Jun 22
"I'll be back in an hour stay in the car." *girls come back* "why is it so hot in here and Eren asleep?" "Oh...we played a "game" and he was screaming and all then got tired." *Levi says with a smirk looking at confused girls* if u know what I mean
Levi's last name is Ackerman not Heichou and heichou means capitan.
Ok i needed a book to read in class and I forgot bout this part ///0//0///
Am I the only one who doesn't give a damm if it's Ackerman or hechou?
Why would you tell us to skip it? The yaoi is always the best part!!!
catra44 catra44 Apr 24
This HOLE time, get it? Get it? Because he's fingering his ass.. Ah nevermind