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With You I Will Decide (A CronKri FanFic)

With You I Will Decide (A CronKri FanFic)

36.7K Reads 1.6K Votes 21 Part Story
Kawaii~Nightmare By NikkCarson007 Completed

Kankri Vantas was never very popular. In fact he has been bullied his entire life. Eventually he gave up on having friends and caved into a life of solitude. What happens when the new kid in school decides to become friends with Kankri??? Will Kankri disclude this mysterious boy from his life??? or will his new found feelings get him into trouble???

ro_kavia ro_kavia Jan 19
'And you weren't even attracted to guys!' Sweety, that's what I said a year ago, but about girls. But guess what happened!
KatzchenSchnapper KatzchenSchnapper Jun 06, 2016
"I d9n't like 6eing ar9und pe9ple very much. S9 if y9u 6e ever s9 kind as n9t t9 speak t9 me that w9uld 6e great." That is me.
PrinsessZeldaHylia PrinsessZeldaHylia Oct 12, 2016
HISSSSSS = angry Vantas
                              Purrrrrrrrr = happy Vantas
                              Vantas = cats
                              10/10 100percent, A+, best logic Eva.
TiltedBear TiltedBear Oct 24, 2016
That moment when you notice the author didn't use 6 for b and you start triggering because you're homestuck trash
ro_kavia ro_kavia Jan 19
If I was kankri I would be like, 'wtf you just say? Call me babe again, imma snap something physicaly, not just words.'
Gemini_Jenny Gemini_Jenny Jun 14, 2016
I wished this worked! Man I hate it when peeps talk to me sometimes