[Fairy tail] Struggles

[Fairy tail] Struggles

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Tenshi~! By Seen-Zoned Updated Oct 15, 2016

What comes in your mind when you hear "Fairy tail's Salamander"?
If you were to ask a civilian, they'd imagine a strong man with a muscular build and a dangerous personality.
If you were to ask a guild mate of his, they'd tell you that Salamander is a pink haired idiot that tends to destroy stuff. A lot. But is also a great friend who cares for his Nakama.
But, If you were to ask Natsu "Salamander" Dragneel, he'd say, "He is a mistake. He's always causing trouble and has an insane personality. Literally. I'd pay to see his execution!"

He'd tell you all that with a smile.


He was a lost case. Someone made out of plastic. No one needed to know that though, there was no need. He was content just like this, watching everyone smile and have fun. It eased the emptiness in his heart, an emptiness that was present for as long as he could remember. He was content with slowly watching his friends dance away from his fingers. With time, they will disappear like everyone else. 

However, that didn't mean he couldn't try to keep them together for a little longer, right? It wasn't wrong to try to keep the people you love close to you, right? Obsession was such a harsh word. He preferred Devotion. 

Yes, with this hand that is itching for blood, he will protect them. After all, he is the devoted type of person. 

Welcome to Natsu's life. A life full of tangled webs of deception and a core that has been clumsily glued together.

[Story cover made by the amazing FoxcatAI]


[A/N: Please bear with the story's first bunch of chapters. I'll re-write it once I have the time. My heart goes out to those you actually read my old writing without cringing.]

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LittleDragonNinja LittleDragonNinja Jan 28, 2016
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I was thinking more on the lines of detainment until the proper authorities arrive
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Mar 27, 2016
*claps hands together like an idiot in a marching band* LET'S READ :D
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Mar 27, 2016
Omg the beginning in italics... It scared me sh*tless.... Sorry about the cussing...
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Mar 27, 2016
You do know how to make a good hook in the description, Author-chan, I couldn't help but read this book.
Flowerly_Harvester Flowerly_Harvester Feb 22, 2017
Actually there really was a Lacrima Phone-thingies in the Manga.
oOSalamanderOo oOSalamanderOo Jul 17, 2015
O my god the description made me cry I don't think I can read the book oh my god such a good story plot!