A Tale of the World

A Tale of the World

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Kira By kira_kiss Updated Oct 11, 2017

In a world where magic and magical creatures coexist with humans, humans are sorted into two categories: those who have magic abilities and those who don't. Within the category of those who possess magic abilities are: necromancers, mages and summoners. Summoners, however, are different from the other two subcategories. It is a magic ability that cannot be passed on from one generation to the next, nor can it be learned. It is a magic ability that is mysterious and randomly selective among the human race. Those who are summoners are born with their abilities, but they aren't rare either. 

  But as the world began moving forward with moderation throughout time, many magical creatures disappeared, hiding away from humanity as they became prizes for the human race if found. But there are a few creatures who remain, lurking here and there near human civilization, either bringing misfortune or good fortune. 

  Nina Arundel, a free spirited summoner, travels from place to place thinking that her existence is less than or equal to the other existences on earth. However, it isn't long before she discovers that from the moment of her birth, her existence has always been the world's greatest gift.

  • action
  • angels
  • anime
  • celestialspirits
  • comedy
  • demons
  • drama
  • explicit
  • fictional
  • gods
  • magic
  • reverseharem
  • romance
  • shounen
  • youngadult
WilsonJeanBaptiste WilsonJeanBaptiste Oct 14, 2017
No she’s talking to the invisible store owner behind you XD
AnimeMangaOtaku535 AnimeMangaOtaku535 Mar 23, 2016
I was wondering does celestial spirit cards come from the anime Fairy Tail? I mean one of the main characters is a celestial spirit   mage.
Armi_Hanahaki Armi_Hanahaki Oct 10, 2016
Fairytail......Is this gonna be a crossover? Wait don't answer that...I'll find out later in the story....
kira_kiss kira_kiss Mar 23, 2016
It's similar but different. If I remember correctly, for fairy tail they were celestial keys.
reed_wei_wei reed_wei_wei Jan 09, 2016
if it is me i would demand for something tastier than water but she is so freaking cool girl !!!!! XD