Fanfic Rants And The Rest of Wattpad

Fanfic Rants And The Rest of Wattpad

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Keerthana M By theflowermaid Updated Aug 02

So I have been on Wattpad for a few years now. I'm on it almost everyday, it's like a drug to me. However, ever since I joined, I have seen the ups and downs of the fanfics and their specific fandoms/series, and Wattpad in general. 

So what did I do? Start ranting about it of course!

There's a lot more like this and I'm just adding one more to the bunch.

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Cover by me! :D

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scryiing scryiing Jul 17, 2016
I try to search Hecate/HoO fanfiction and Divergent and Zayn Malik stories come up.
- - Jul 07, 2016
Yeah.... I didn't even know who One Direction was before I opened a Wattpad account.
scryiing scryiing Jul 17, 2016
"Baby, I've been waiting for your return so much...."
                              "Bitch, the 2428.67 texts, 89,3500 phone calls, Hermes Express packages and carrier pigeon kinda gave it away."
cherridirectioner cherridirectioner May 22, 2016
I'm a Directioner myself but honestly I can't help but agree with this.
scryiing scryiing Jul 17, 2016
DaydreamShimmer DaydreamShimmer Sep 13, 2016
ESPECIALLY when the main character is under the age of legal consent!