Seasons of Ferne, Summer's Passion

Seasons of Ferne, Summer's Passion

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Abandoned on the steps of a church as an infant, Evelyn Ferne finally feels as though her life is coming together. At long last she has the parents she's always longed for, as well as her first taste of real romance and love. But try as she might her life has never been normal. Abilities to which she has little control and even less understanding have always threatened to derail the life Evelyn worked so hard to build. Abilities that are steadily growing in strength and diversity. 

And now Evelyn's tenuous hold on life has been threatened further still. A friend, once thought imaginary, has made a very sudden, very real re-appearance, bringing to life secrets and dangers from a past and a world Evelyn never knew existed. A world that wants nothing more than to tear everything she loves apart.

Will Evelyn be able to hold onto the life she's always wanted and protect those she loves, or will the unknown darkness from her hidden past claim her for its own.

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I'm alive. My favorite character ever is Puck for Fey series
Sarel303 Sarel303 Apr 23, 2016
A fantastic opening. It really leaves the reader wondering, 'who is this child?' Hamnet is a great character. I hope we meet him again.
It makes me think of the Dont Threaten Me With A Good Time music video😂😂
Omg i was just in a play and one of the characters was named puck
SCharles38 SCharles38 Jan 21
Agreed. It's a run on sentence. Works better if broken up. 😬
Vroomfondel42 Vroomfondel42 May 20, 2016
Great opening. The pacing is frantic and engaging, the dialogue superb, and the action easy to follow. Well done. My only suggestion would be to remove two of the three instances of the word relief. Try saying it a different way. Other than that, I'd buy this for a plane ride.